Power yoga for Gas and Acidity

Gas and acidity conditions have same causes. These problems usually occur due to certain factors such as consuming processed, oily and spicy foods, emotional factors, improper eating and drinking habits, smoking, etc.
The best remedy for these problems is practicing yoga regularly. Along with yoga you have to be careful in your eating habits like how and what you eat. Here are some yogic postures that help you to get rid of gas and acidity problems.

Threats of excessive gas in body

  • Heart problems
  • Ulcers in stomach
  • Headache
  • Arthritis when gas flows through joints
  • Digestive system disorder 

Acidity Symptoms

Symptoms found in children are :

  • Respiratory problems
  • inadequate weight
  • vomiting, coughing,
  • turning down food

The tips for remove/Prevent Acidity/Gastric problem

  • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and especially leafy vegetables. They provide fiber and roughage in your diet which are very important for quick digestion.
  • Take buttermilk or curd daily after lunch. You can also add garlic and ginger to them. It is very effective in relieving gas and chronic acidity problems.
  • Decrease the intake of junk foods, spicy and oily foods as they worsen the gas and acidity problems. Instead take consume fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and cigarettes as they increases the gas in your body system.
  • Avoid coffee, tea and other caffeine rich products.
  • Consume excess of water as it will help in cleaning your gut and also helps in proper and smooth bowel movements. This makes the body system to get rid of gas. Water also keeps your body system hydrated always and thus gives relief from acidity problems.
  • Avoid having tea and coffee and other caffeine rich beverages. Also avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, especially beer since it increases the gas in your system

Home remedies to cure acidity and gas problems :

  • Amla juice with sugar and water, eating phalsa (a fruit) or yogurt, eating a little jaggery after meals(it prevents acid formation),
  • drinking coconut water or cold milk or soda, eating grated or crushed ginger with coriander or white vinegar, eating banana with sugar and cardamom powder,
  • boiled and roasted potato with meals reduces acidity problem as it consists potassium that restricts acidity,
  • eating carrots, watermelon and cloves, chewing basil(tulsi) leaves, bottle gourd juice, add garlic to food

What to avoid?

Eating vegetables like radish, onion, tea, spicy, fried, heavy to digest foods, pickles, unripe fruits, smoking as smokers pull in more air which is swallowed, staying hungry for hours, drinking alcohol, junk food 

Yoga asanas or postures for acidity and gas problems :

  • Makarasana or Crocodile pose : It helps in improving digestion
  • Vajrasan or Thunderbolt pose : It promotes good digestion and prevents acidity and gas trouble.
  • Pawanmuktasan or Wind relieving pose : It relieves excess gas from the system and treats chronic acidity. It should not be done by pregnant women, people having weak backs or spinal problems. 
  • Balasana (Childs Pose)
  • Mandukasana (Frog pose)
  •  Kapalabhati Pranayama  
  • Agnisar Kriya 


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